Vaal Old Wheels


Besides tenants who trade or provide services there are other activities going on in the Village:

For more than 25 years the restoration of classic vehicles and associated machinery has been happening. A wide variety of projects were tackled over that period including:

  • Motor cars from 1914 to 1970
  • Trucks from 1925 to 1960
  • Tractors from 1925 to 1965
  • Steam engines from 1893 to 1925
  • Machinery, equipment and implements
  • Ox wagons, trolleys and horse carts

Various individuals have been involved, from machinists, body-builders and mechanics to precision spray-painters. To everyone it was a labour of love. At one time in excess of 150 classic items could be viewed on the property. As it happens with most collections items were passed onto other custodians thereby affording many more the opportunity to enjoy a classic vehicle. 

Until recently restoration work was undertaken in five workshops and sheds. With the opening up of the Village various buildings were rented out which necessitated rationalisation of the restoration operations. One workshop and one shed are now reserved for restoration work.

Present restoration projects include:

  • 1914 Ford Model T Speedster (40%)
  • 1926 Ford Model T Boattail (20%)
  • 1928 Ford Model A Wrecker (80%)
  • 1928 Armstrong Siddeley Roadster (70%)
  • 1928 Austin 7 Runabout (30%)
  • 1937 Armstrong Siddeley Sedan (90%)
  • 1937 Ford Tow Truck (20%)
  • 1952 Ford V8 Panelvan (20%)
  • 1957 Ford Country Sedan (90%)
  • 1960 Saab 96 (90%)

Other vehicles that are complete and in regular use include:

  • 1954 Steyr 188
  • 1957 BMW R27
  • 1958 Singer Gazelle
  • 1968 Valiant Rebel
  • 1981 Honda CX500 CafĂ© Racer

Restorations are ongoing and some may be viewed by arrangement with Siggi 082 492 5214.

Other activities at the Village include:

  • A well-stocked library with an emphasis on biographies, local history, political developments, and motoring literature
  • A quaint shellhole of the MOTHS with impressive memorabilia
  • A base for Vaal Old Wheels Classic Car Club members to operate from
  • Two resident donkeys are quite an attraction

Address: 14 Vaal Drive, Vanderbijlpark